Bass ek raah……… Never quit until you have tried us!

The brainchild of three musketeers. Three different people. Three different experiences.

The Mentor

Chetna Sabharwal


In our daily lives, be it home, office or even the washroom, we think, and think more, more till the thought becomes an idea which we wish to pursue… but how do we know if it’s worth it or not?
GUIDANCE. We all need it. We all need someone to tell us where we are going, to listen to us, to weigh all options and choose the best for us, to show us what we can’t see. We usually confide in our parents, friends or mentors. However not everybody can or does share with them fearing to be judged or being laughed upon, et al feelings. What then?
What if there is a one-stop solution to guide you at every juncture? A counsel-companion. No expectations. No judgement. No demands. The one who listens, holds your hand and helps you pave the way to your raah.

Vidushi Sabharwal


Once we have found our road, we have to fulfill some essential requisites to reach our destination. Family, career or love. Words are needed everywhere.
Apologizing to your mom through a letter. Check.
Creating your resume or college essay. Check.
Making your loved one smile with a poem or message. Check.
Never-ending school or college project. Check.

Jahan words, vahan scribbler!
Forbes research shows that:
Recruiters only spend an average of 6.25 seconds looking at a candidate’s résumé.
Recruiters gave professionally rewritten ones a 60% higher score than amateur résumés. Recruiters surveyed said the professionally written samples were 40% better organized and readable than those written by applicants themselves.
While we write college application essays, we land up in a fix of what to include and what to delete, what could keep the reader glued till the end.
Thus it has to be the best amongst the lot. The words we choose make or break our personality. Nevertheless the scribbler makes sure that whatever is written is reflected in you.

The Scribbler

The life guru

Vikas Kaushik


Congratulations, you have arrived at your destination. Once we achieve what we aspire, the fear of going astray always lurks. DON’T. The one person to alert and save us from losing our direction defines the life guru. The young and handsome guru who is a pilot by passion and engineer by profession, an artist and a pro in technology whom we have named “life guru” because of his expertise in giving a lighter take on any difficult situation. He has achieved success in life so far by hit and trial and can very well understand the young gen who believes in learning by making mistakes rather than walking on the trodden path.

Motivation is all about letting a person see that one spark in his life which is invisible to him/ her because of the conditioned mind and circumstances. We as a team have joined hands to discover that one spark for you and hence the idea of “”bass ek raah”…….